Valant EMR Review – Top Three Reasons to Use Valant

Valant EHR

There are many reasons to use Valant EMR for your practice. Besides cost, benefits, and usability, it also offers Telehealth features. Read on to learn more about the features and options available. You can also learn more about how Valant EMR is customizable to your practice’s needs. We hope this review has provided you with helpful information. Please, share your thoughts on this product in the comments section below. Alternatively, contact us for a personalized demo.


When considering which EMR to purchase, the cost of Valant EMR may be a deciding factor. Although its cloud-based technology and HIPAA compliance make it ideal for large groups, it is also more expensive than some of its competitors. The company’s founder, David Lischner, MD, founded the company in order to improve medical outcomes. This Seattle, Washington-based company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Among Valant’s many features are built-in outcomes measures, automatic scored tracking, and an integrated billing and invoicing system. The software also includes features that streamline your intake and check-out processes, such as appointment scheduling and electronic health records. It also allows you to send patient intake documents and initial assessments at the time of intake. The calendar interface allows you to filter appointments by provider, day, or week. To update the calendar, you’ll need to log into the system and update it.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Valant EMR is its steep learning curve and limited compatibility with Mac computers. If you’re considering buying this EMR, be sure to contact the company’s sales team to see which package would best suit your needs. There are some other perks to buying this EMR, such as the customization options. Those who are new to EMRs may want to consider the cost of Valant EHR.


If you want to manage your patient records more efficiently, you should consider using Valant EMR. It offers built-in measures for outcomes and automatic scored tracking. This will enable you to deliver data-driven treatment, and even negotiate higher reimbursement rates. If you don’t already have an EMR, you should explore the many other benefits offered by this software, including ease of use, ease of installation, and customer support. Here are the top three reasons to use Valant.

Behavioral health practices have very different needs than medical practices in other specialty areas. Valant EHR software integrates clinical documentation and practice management, and it also meets Meaningful Use criteria. Valant EHR software is designed specifically for behavioral health professionals in solo and group practices. Because of this, it understands the unique needs of these practices and delivers fully integrated functionality. While the software is highly effective, there are some drawbacks to be aware of before buying it.

Valant EHR is not suitable for Mac users. However, it offers many of the same features as Allscripts EHR. The disadvantages of Valant EHR include the fact that you have to speak with the sales team before using it. However, the software has many benefits and is well-integrated with third-party labs. It is also cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant. Founded by David Lischner, M.D., Valant is a company based in Seattle, Washington.

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The Usability of Valant EMR is impressive. The system is customizable, making it easy for doctors to customize it to suit their practice. Valant’s workflow for documentation helps doctors save time and improve their habits. They can view their patient chart and any previous notes from the patient’s history, including progress notes and phone calls. Additionally, the system allows users to view their calendar in a variety of formats, including day, week, and provider. Users can also save notes from previous visits or telephone calls and use them to create text narratives.

While Valant EMR is designed for mental health professionals, it also has features that help practice owners, office managers, and billers manage their patients. Moreover, the software’s telehealth capabilities make it easier for physicians to work with patients. The Usability of Valant EMR is generally satisfactory, though some users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the system’s slow performance and difficult Silverlight navigation. Other drawbacks include a low degree of patient progress monitoring and unprofessional customer support.

Valant has several key features that are common to other EMR systems. Its robust feature set and ePrescribing capabilities make it the best solution for mid-sized practices. However, the system’s interface is older and only functions on a limited range of browsers. It is also more expensive than most of its competitors. But despite these flaws, it does offer more flexibility and usability than other solutions on the market.

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