Aha vs Asana Project Management Annual Showdown 2022

Aha Project Management vs Asana Project Management Software Annual Showdown

The Aha software has been around since 2013 and it provides a reliable platform to crowdsource feedback and execute top-notch products. The Asana software has been commercially available since 2012. It focuses on organizing workflow management for agile teams through task automation, workload management, and information organization.

This is how Aha project management vs Asana project management software compares:

Aha Project Management

There are quite a few benefits of using Aha project management. The central focus of the software remains the collection of feedback and ideas that play an integral role in product planning and development. The following are the reasons that have made Aha a success story:


You can ensure that your customers and clients are satisfied with your service by working along with them. This is why the Aha Ideas feature is able to bring a huge improvement to the way you perform tasks and develop products that benefit the community. Some other advantages include:

  • You can maintain a friendly relationship with your community by giving them the chance to voice their opinions so you can crowdsource ideas. The Aha project management software lets you integrate the options to vote and comment on products.
  • Users can integrate an in-app feedback widget to empower the community by expressing their opinions.
  • The ideas and feedback can be collected in a systemized manner to organize all ideas that can be used to bring improvement.
  • A comprehensive collection of ideas makes it easier to review them. On the other hand, users can go a step ahead by scoring the ideas and creating a hierarchy of what needs to be followed through.


Developmental tools give you a chance to turn your ideas into reality. Teams working through Scrum, Kanban, or other workflow apps will find endless possibilities at their disposal. This is how users can utilize the Aha Develop feature:

  • First of all, you can customize each aspect of the project whether it is UI or workflows. There are hundreds of app integrations available so you can automate tasks and extend the code.
  • You will have the opportunity to maintain a backlog so that your tasks align with your goals. Not only can you maintain roadmaps but you can also highlight engineering priorities to make a backlog that responds to your requirements.


Each project takes you on a new journey. You need to map your way around it. The roadmaps feature in the Aha project management software is where you can strategize plans as well as prioritize features. Its highlights include:

  • Setting a clear strategy to achieve your goals. Clarity is vital in knowing what lies ahead so you are able to set goals and initiatives through Aha.
  • Likewise, you can score features so you can prioritize the customer experience and deliver products that will support them.

The Aha demo will further guide you about its products and best practices for maximum optimization. The Aha pricing is available by the products. Essentially, the Aha cost starts from $9 and goes up to $149.

Asana Project Management Software

The Asana software is known to increase the potential success of teams. A survey shows that 80% of users believe in Asana’s ability to increase the accountability of the entire team. Behind its success lie features that make it a robust system:

Workflow Builder

To flow smoothly, you need to create a channel that is flexible yet sturdy. A workflow builder is a place where you can automate all your tasks, connect the team, and streamline your work. The following are some highlights of the Asana workflow builder:

  • Users can systemize form intake to crowdsource feedback as well as capture ideas. Moreover, it can be utilized to communicate the requirements of task completion with other team members.
  • The Asana project management system integrates Rules so you can define the tasks that automation will perform. Therefore, you can rely on it to perform a single task or a complex sequence.
  • The Workflow Reporting feature is useful to diagnose the pulse of the projects you are engaged with. It provides an analysis so you can see the latest developments as well as any missing pieces that may be taking a toll on progress.


A timeline lets you track time-sensitive projects and stay on task to deliver when the deadline arrives. It, additionally, provides context to determine the connection between deadlines and tasks. Here are the specs of the timeline feature:

  • By showcasing what each member is doing, users can create a system of accountability for each member. At the same time, users are able to ensure that they are able to meet the deadlines.
  • No worries if your work is shifting. Your timeline can match the nature of your tasks. The tools available in the timeline feature will give you the control to adjust the timeline accordingly.


Task requests tend to get lost or stuck in endless loops of back-and-forth communication. However, the Asana software integrates forms so you can streamline the overall process of task requests and streamline tasks as well. Here is what else the forms feature can do:

  • It can be used to embed forms through simple steps. You can copy and paste the form snippet from the Asana software to your website.
  • In fact, you can go ahead and automate the forms so the requests you want to send software are processed on time.

While these three are useful features, there are more than ten ways to reduce the overwhelming nature of agile task management when you are using Asana software. The Asana demo is a quick introduction to the platform so that you can get started with some basic knowledge. Meanwhile, the Asana cost is based on four plans in which one is entirely free, the premiums cost $10, the business plan charges $24, and the enterprise plan offers a customized cost.

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