Top 10 New Email Marketing Techniques for 2022

Email marketing

You should consider improving your email marketing in 2022. This tool is still a powerful tool for communication with clients and achieving amazing ROI figures year after year.

Email marketing is a well-known tool. We know that it works, but we don’t always use them. We will be reviewing the most effective techniques for email campaigns in order to help you get better results in 2022.

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1) Automate your marketing campaigns

Marketing automation lets you send the right message at the right moment to the right person without the need to set up and send all the emails individually.

It is time to automate your email marketing strategy if you haven’t done so yet. For the following scenarios, I suggest you create automated emails:

  • When a user registers the first time, they will receive a welcome email.
  • Confirmation of registration
  • We are grateful for your purchase or download.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Carts abandoned.
  • Emails to recover users who have been inactive for several weeks

2) Improve your metrics

Marketing is a science that cannot be measured. You will need to review your campaigns’ results periodically to determine if they are effective.

A/B testing is based on two versions of an email. However, each variant has a distinguishing element, such as a different subject line or color in the call-to-action button. We send each email to a random sample of users in our database to test it. Then we compare the results to determine which one is most effective.

4) Cleanen your mailing list

Low-quality mailing lists can lead to dropping rates and low open rates. This could even result in you being classified as spam. You should aim to begin 2022 once you have removed inactive users and then repeat the process for no more than six months.

5) Segment your mailing list

After you have removed inactive users from your mailing list, it is time to clean it up by segmenting.

Segmenting your email list is dividing it into smaller groups based on criteria such as interests, location, and buying behavior.

This will allow you to send more relevant, personalized content to users. In turn, this will improve your opening, click, and conversion rates.

6) Add calls to action

A call to action should be included in all emails, with very few exceptions. Consider the outcome you wish to achieve by your email and tell the user exactly what you expect.

A button or link can call users to action. This could be a button that directs them to a site or register for an event.

You can and should be creative with your calls to action. Be creative when putting out calls to action. Instead of sticking with the “Buy Now” and “Click Here” options, think about what you can do to increase clicks. Remember that A/B testing is your friend ;-).

7) Use double opt-in

The double opt-in involves sending an email to all new users that register in your database, asking them to confirm their subscription and asking them to click it. This extra step will confirm that the email address is being used. It will also improve your email marketing metrics.

8) Do not use no response in the email address

You have probably received an email from an address that begins with no response at least once. It is a very common practice, but it can lead to several problems.

  • Reduces email deliverability.
  • This increases the likelihood of being marked spam.
  • This makes it less user-friendly as users can’t send their questions.

Instead, I recommend using an email address like or Also, ensure that someone is monitoring her and responding to email inquiries.

9) Personalize your emails

Personalization in email marketing helps you to send better-targeted emails that stand out in your inbox. Personalization does not just involve putting the user’s name in your subject. You should also use all the information you have about them to modify the email’s text and the offer.

10) Before sending emails, check that they are not spamming

It’s well-known that haste makes a poor adviser. Send yourself a test mail to ensure everything is in order.

  • The email loads correctly
  • Images are beautiful and can be complemented with an alternative text.
  • There are no spelling mistakes
  • It works with links and call-to-action buttons.
  • Both on the mobile and the computer, the email looks great.

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